Lee Loader Rifle Kit

The Lee Loader Rifle kit is perhaps one of the coolest inventions available to those interested in reloading, but don’t yet have the necessary funds to invest in top-dollar equipment to reload their .223 Remington or several other popular calibers. One of the great things about this kit is that it comes with everything you need to reload brass cases and it costs less than $30 total. This would make an excellent addition to a bug out bag, or just a great little setup to bring with you to the range to test out different loads. I should note, however, that even though this seems like it’s too good to be true, there is a disadvantage associated with using a tool such as this to reload your ammo.

The disadvantage of this kit is that it can only re-size the neck of your brass, not the shoulder. Typical reloaders would prefer a full length resizing of the brass case, rather than just the neck because of a couple of reasons: the shoulder “can” get stuck in the chamber if it is not re-sized to it’s original smaller specifications, and you can only use the reloaded ammo in the same exact firearm that it was first fired in. The reason for this is because once the ammunition is fired in your rifle, the brass case essentially forms to the size if your specific rifle before it’s ejected from the ejection port.

Some reloaders prefer to re-size the neck only, as they say that if you resize the neck only the bullet is more accurate, however, many prefer to resize the entire brass case to it’s original specifications to put the ammo back to as close to the manufacturers specifications as possible to prevent potential problems with ejecting the spent brass case from the chamber.

With all this said, these little rifle loader kits are certainly something that would be an inexpensive was to test your hand at reloading, and to decide if reloading is for you, prior to investing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, on more expensive equipment. Please check out the Lee Precision 223 Rem Loader kits if you’d like to order one to get started in reloading your own ammo!

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