Blade Tech Competition Mag Pouches

Blade Tech Pro Series Competition Mag Pouches


I know that many people own the double mag pouches, I assume due to the cost factor, but I ended up choosing the Blade Tech Pro Series Competition Single Mag Pouch for one reason: to be able to adjust the space in between mags on my belt to my preference. With a price tag at about $50 each, they are not cheap, but they have a very high-end feel to them, I can easily space them out to my preference on my Safariland ELS competition belt, and can adjust the cant (angle) of each one individually for my needs.

Tek-Lok System: Similar to the Blade Tech Black Ice Holster I own, I chose the tek-lok locking system for the mag pouches mainly to be consistent with my attachments. And boy I do love consistency for familiarity!

Cant: I do love that you can adjust the cant (angle) of each individual mag pouch to allow me to get a really good grip to rapidly remove the magazine from the pouch and get it into my pistol. I tend to keep just a slight cant on the pouch closest to my stomach, and then eliminate some of the angle on the pouch further from my stomach as a personal preference.

Tension: It has also been helpful to be able to adjust the screws on the mag pouches to either increase, or decrease, the tension on the magazine when running from stage to stage according to my preference. I prefer a snug a fit slightly more snug when I’m running from place to place, and slightly looser when I am in a standing position only. I can easily adjust the tension screws onsite at a competition so there is no need to worry if you forget to adjust them before getting to the match.

Final Thoughts

I will stick with my preference of the single mag pouches, rather than a double, and with the tek-lok system for now until I see something better. I have been happy with the purchase and I would recommend these particular mag pouches to another competitor.

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