Blade Tech Black Ice Holster

Blade Tech Black Ice OWB Holster with cutout for red dot optic

Where can I get a Blade Tech Black Ice OWB Holster? Blade-Tech DOH Black Ice Belt Holster Right Hand S&W M&P 9mm/40 S&W Pro CORE…


Upon receiving the much anticipated Black Ice Holster, it’s individual high-end packaging and solid construction were very appealing. I purchased this holster mainly for IDPA competition shooting, although I think it would work well for an everyday OWB (outside the waistband) carrier. I chose the waist level fit initially, but after a few draws I believe that I would prefer the optional addition that Blade Tech sells to drop the holster down a little lower than the waist. Either waist level, or below the waist, however, a full combat grip right out of the holster is easily achievable with a little practice for a fast, smooth, draw stroke. It is a little pricey at about $70, but seems like it’s right in line with other competition holsters.

Blade Tech Tek-Lok System

Tek-Lok System: There are many ways that this holster can attach to your belt, and I chose the Tek-Lok attachment system and am happy with that decision. I will say, however, that for a heavy competitor, the Tek-Lok system doesn’t necessarily allow for quick adjustments or removal onsite at a competition, but for my purposes it will work out well. The Tek-Lok system seems to keep the holster securely fastened to my Safariland ELS competition belt without any “wiggling” around when in use. Even though it’s slower to adjust the holster using the Tek-Lok system, it is possible to do so while keeping your belt on, it just takes a few seconds longer.

Trigger Guard: The Black Ice holster completely covers the trigger guard to ensure a “safe” draw, and a “safe” holstering of your firearm minimizing most risks of accidentally firing. I put the word “safe” in quotes because even though the holster does it’s just to keep your finger from entering the trigger guard when drawing and holstering, nothing can completely prevent bad decisions on the range…

Blade Tech Black Ice OWB Holster

Red Dot Cutout: I chose this holster mainly because I had planned to purchase a red dot optic (usually when you think you will, you end up purchasing quicker than you originally thought). The red dot optic easily clears the holster without touching, making it a prime choice for the intended purpose. The pistol still sits nice and snug in the holster without any “wiggling” around. It’s a secure fit even with the cutout for the red dot. I ended up going with the Vortex Viper 6 MOA red dot.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Blade Tech Black Ice holster was a great purchase for me, and I am very pleased with the functionality of it. I will admit, that I was a little nervous when the holster came at waist level (as I had ordered it that way) and then realized that I would prefer it would drop down a little lower, but a quick call to Blade Tech confirmed that they had a separate attachment that I could purchase to accomplish this without the need to buy a different holster. The shipping was about 2-3 days from the date of order, so I didn’t need to wait for long to start playing with it. I would recommend this holster to someone interested in every day carry, or shooting competitions.

Where can I get a Blade Tech Black Ice OWB Holster? Blade-Tech DOH Black Ice Belt Holster Right Hand S&W M&P 9mm/40 S&W Pro CORE…

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