A1/A2 4 & 5 Prong Front Sight
AR-15 Rifle Adjustment Tool

AR-15 Sight Adjustment Tool

I picked up this inexpensive AR-15 sight adjustment tool from Ebay, and it has certainly been worth the money. It features 4-prongs on one end, and 5-prongs on the other end. It cost me roughly $3.99 and included free shipping from China, which I consider to be easily affordable for someone looking for a tool that will work with their rifle. It came in the mail faster than expected, and it also works as intended.

It’s a nice, hard metal construction, and feels solid in your hand. It has the feel of a tool that will last for a long time, provided you’re careful when using it as not to accidentally break off any of the small prongs. The small prongs are easily bent if you’re not careful, but for less than $4 shipped, I guess you get what you pay for!

Final Thoughts

I believe this reasonably-priced tool is worth the money, and serves the purpose in which it was intended. I would recommend this product to others interested in an inexpensive tool to adjust their sights on the range quickly.

Where can I get one? Amazon: AR15 Front Sight Dual Head Adjustment Tool

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